Windows run box shortcuts

The Run dialog box is a tool which allows a user to open programs quickly using shortcuts. Here’s a list of useful run commands.

run box

There are different ways to open the run box:

  • from the Search box type ‘run’
  • click the Start menu then go to the  Windows System folder
  • Win key + X then click on ‘Run’.
  • or just hit the Win key + R

When the Run box launches, type one of the following commands and click ‘OK’.

Windows System Configurations

  • cmd: command prompt
  • winver: Windows version
  • services.msc: Services manager
  • devmgmt.msc: Device manager
  • eventvwr.msc: Event Viewer
  • compmgmt.msc: Computer Management console
  • diskmgmt.msc: Disk Management console
  • dcomcnfg: Component Services
  • gpedit.msc: Group Policy Editor
  • secpol.msc: Local Security Policy Settings
  • lusrmgr.msc: Local User and Groups
  • perfmon.msc: Performance Monitor
  • fsmgmt.msc: Shared Folders (File Sharing Management)
  • regedit: Registry Editor

Control Panel

  • control: Control Panel
  • control desktop / control color: Desktop personalization (Personalize)
  • control folders: File Explorer Options
  • control keyboard: Keyboard Properties
  • control Mouse: Mouse Properties
  • control printers: Devices and Printers
  • control netconnections: Network Connections
  • control userpasswords: Manager current user accounts
  • control userpasswords2: Manage all user accounts
  • control update: Windows Update
  • control admintools: Administrative Tools
  • ncpa.cpl: Network Connections
  • netplwiz: Advanced User Accounts control panel
  • explorer: File explorer

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